Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reasonable Commuting Distance?

Do you think that San Francisco or Emeryville is a
"reasonable commuting distance" to Sacramento?

- Applying for Work in Sacramento with your CTAP -
Capitol Corridor Train commuters
look quite comfortable.
Photo: Jim Merithew / SF
Between four morning trains, 1,000 passengers ride from the Bay Area to Sacramento daily. Emeryville is by far the busiest station, with 135 daily commuters. The fare from San Francisco to Sacramento is $496 for unlimited travel for an entire calendar month. Not bad.  But let's see commuters have to say:

"Most of what you give up is sleep."
"The commute is, in reality, much longer than the four hours on the train when you consider the walking and buses..."
"I have two offices, one of them is on the train."
"The quiet car is upstairs and that's where people sleep."
I would never be able to sleep
with my computer out like that.
Photo: Jim Merithew / SF

How does the Employee’s Guide to Career Transition on the OPM.gov website define "local commuting area"?

Your local commuting area is based on the duty station of your position of record when you receive your [CTAP/ICTAP] notice. Agencies determine the local commuting area for jobs they announce. It is the geographic area usually considered a single area for employment purposes. It includes any population center and the surrounding localities where people live and routinely travel back and forth daily to their jobs. You can only get selection priority for vacancies announced in your local commuting area.

For more info: http://tickets.amtrak.com

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