Sunday, October 21, 2012


I believe that in order to make something happen in your life it helps to step into that reality which you desire - imagine what it would be like, feel like, even smell like... In other words, if I want to live in a particular area I need to be there mentally to make it real. I usually do this by learning everything I can about the area. I read the City Data website for info demographics and go to various review sites like Yelp for info on restaurants, farmers markets, shopping. As a storyteller and artist, the perfect town for me is Carmel, California. Fortunately, I live close enough to drive over for a weekend at Carmel-By-the-Sea - I love the smell of the ocean. 
Carmel Tea House
- Carmel is a storybook town. 
I want my new reality to be in Carmel Valley. I applied for a position in Monterey, California, so this weekend we drove to Carmel from Napa.

Monterey beach's sand dunes in October.
Strange how the birds' flight formation resembles a bird in flight,
makes me think of how fractals are found everywhere in nature.


Carmel beach sand is soft underfoot and is a light almond-gray color.
Although dogs are allowed to run free on the beach,
it is the cleanest beach I have ever seen.

We stayed in our semi-neglected beach cottage in Pacific Grove. I envisioned how we could remodel it on a budget. I think it would be okay.... actually, I think it would be great! 

Overgrown path to beach cottage has become a rainforest.

Il Forniao/Pine Inn Cafe in Carmel-By-the-Sea has the best coffee
and pastries - so much better and cheaper than Starbucks.
The atmosphere is unique and exceptionally inviting.
Il Forniao/Pine Inn
Mon Amie consignment, downtown Carmel.
Carmel's Spanish/French influence.
Dennis the Menace Park
I like this outfit... so retro, so Urban Outfitters...
Carmel is dog-friendly. This dog is actually male (the owner says that he "likes" to cross-dress). This illustrates how many humans demonstrate the assumption of anthropomorphism—projecting human instincts, characteristics and motivations onto animals. 

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