Monday, January 20, 2014

Renovation Dreams


After renovation (Photoshopped)
Found this house and I am hoping I can purchase it and renovate it myself. As you see in the "Before" version it needs a new roof and possibly a new front door. The "After" picture is how I envision it with new roof and front door, and a bit more curb appeal with additional landscaping and some flowers. Maybe even add some plants along the walkway. It's the inside of the house that will be challenging, but I found some inspiring posts on the web:

upstairs hallway

Upcycling an old brass chandelier

Martha Stuart chandelier

Z Gallerie chandelier

I plan to upcycle my old brass chandeliers bought on craigslist to look like these beauties:
First, I will remove bulbs and sleeves and clean off all dust and dirt with paper towels; then I'll scuff up the brass surface with sandpaper to prepare for priming; then I'll use self-etching spray primer; then spray paint chandelier and chain et al. Found How-To article here.