Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finds of the Day

I need to downsize in the event I relocate for a new job. But every time I go online to upload and sell my items, I find something I have imagined in my mind and then I can't resist buying it. It's strange, it's also happening to my friends - they seem to be finding what they're looking for, too... 

Handmade lampshade.

I'm a shopaholic on a very limited budget, which makes my obsession challenging. I must be extremely selective in my purchases. I like vintage items when it comes to furniture and non-electrical housewares, preferably from the 1920s. I scout for treasures on ebay and craigslist. Here are this weekend's finds:

Old cedar-lined chest from winery.

Origami dollar heart made by the lady who sold
the lampshade to me - it's a good omen.

Garden swing.

Sometimes it amazes me how I find what I am looking for - this is becoming more and more commonplace for me which gives me hope that the perfect employment or business opportunity will present itself at the right time. Here is an example of true serendipity that occurred yesterday: I discovered on Craigslist the match to my antique brass marble-top side table made in France. I bought the first table several years ago from a woman in the next county who had just inherited things from her mother's antique store in Marin. Then, just yesterday, I decided after many months to browse the antiques on Craigslist for the North Bay and found its "mate". The seller, located in another county, informed me that it originated from an estate sale many years ago. So the two French tables are back together again. The strange thing is that I had not visited Craigslist in several months; the fact that I was able to find these two items and buy them the very first week each was being sold is, in my opinion, quite remarkable - I believe that they just wanted to be back together again... does furniture have consciousness or is my consciousness causing this to happen? Maybe just luck? Coincidence?According to physicists, water has some consciousness and responds to differently to music (see previous post on "Superconsciousness"). Here's to the "Happy Couple" from Paris:

Happy couple is together again after many years.

And, last but not least, a baby basket carrier I found at a garage sale is repurposed to hold towels. It's the perfect size in length, width, and depth to place on top of my bathroom dresser:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 
― Pablo Picasso

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