Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Dress for a Telephone Interview

Today I was just thinking of how to dress for a telephone interview:

The Twilight Zone's
 Valley of the Shadow

Weird as it may sound, I like being at work even more now that I am in a RIF. It’s interesting and absurdly intriguing... in fact... it is sort of like being in a Twilight Zone episode.

In this scene, the reporter (played by Ed Nelson) encounters the force field keeping him from being free to leave - and he's MAD. I like this scene because it shows his determination to not have limits set upon himself.

Come to think of it, maybe I am in the Twilight Zone's Valley of the Shadow! The plot of this episode can be summed up as follows: A reporter stumbles into a small town named "Peaceful Valley". The reporter learns of higher technology, so the town's authorities will not let him leave. He can't get out of town due to an invisible force field around Peaceful Valley.

The technological knowledge involves quantum physics. The technology has the power to change the world for the better - or can be used for evil... Fear ensues. The reporter fears being controlled; the authorities fear not being able to control the use of the new technology...

A resident of the small town uses a cell phone - one of their several high-tech gadgets.

All parties are well-meaning - it is only fear that creates the drama. Fear of losing freedom. Fear of losing what little peace the world still has because of the application of disruptive technologies... Gadgets, mobile media, and other hi-tech stuff that makes for a more efficient lifestyle.

The episode is classic - the 1963 clothes, car, furniture. The adorable dog. His aggressive glares. Not to mention hints of 3-D printing (scene where a ham sandwich is materialized on a plate for his lunch)... Exciting and well-written, with the tinsiest bit of romance and violence, this is one of the best one-hour episodes from Season 4.

The Twilight Zone is okay with me. This is where I want to be - for now, anyway.

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