Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creating Happiness

I remember coming upon the book "Practical Psychology" (written in the 1920s) by theologist Judge Daniel August Simmons when I was only seven years old. It fascinated me, I was hooked on metaphysics ever since.
From wikipedia:
Daniel Augustus Simmons is an author known for creating self-psychology literature. An example of his work is "The Realization System," self-published by Judge Simmons during the 1920s in the USA as a Private Course of 12 Lessons in Practical Psychology, and published in book form in the U.K. some years later. (1936, Psychology Publishing Co. Manchester), and now available in audio and ebook form from:
Another text by Judge Simmons which is now available in the public domain is "The Science of Religion: Fundamental Faiths Expressed In Modern Terms" (1916).[1]
Concepts covered in this author's work include The Law Of Attraction, made famous in recent years by the resurgence of interest in Charles F. Haanel and his most popular workThe Master Key System and Subconscious programming through auto-suggestion. Pages 8 and 9 from "The Science of Religion..." below:

On page 11 Judge Simmons goes on to write that "...the book proclaims and describes a Universal Intelligent Force... where may lie a great world of spiritual material abounding in life and controlled by intelligence. Then additional evidence is brought forward, tending to prove the actual existence of such a world, and its habitation by men, women, and children clothed upon the spiritual bodies the existence of which St. Paul asserts as a fact."

St. Paul tells us: "It is sown an animal body, it shall rise a spiritual body." John 20:26 >Read more> The Happiness of Heaven by F. J. Boudreaux

My father was a Southern Baptist and my mother was an Ashkenazi Jew from Prague - I was told to decide on my own what to believe. I believe in a universal mind and the power of our intentions.

Here are some of my favorite videos from youtube on the subject of health, happiness, and the quantum universe. 

Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center in China

The Quantum Universe

Imaging the Tenth Dimension by Rob Bryanton

Brian Greene - The Hidden Reality

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