Friday, November 2, 2012

Fortune Cookie

Yesterday, November 1st, one of my most important clients, a senior executive in DC for whom I do design work, received a tremendous promotion.  When I picked up some Panda Express after work, I also got a fortune cookie and, just before I opened it, I had the feeling that this will be a very special and true fortune. Hope I'm right, this was the message:

message in my fortune cookie yesterday

I need to tune into the universe and see if I can foresee the future. Maybe I should just ask the universe to guide me in the right direction. Maybe I can channel the future... But I'm sure that if I successfully do that, and document it here on my blog, scientists would want to hook me up to a machine to try and "capture" that wavelength:

scene from classic 1920s film, Metropolis

On that note, channeling the universe that is, I decided to make a video of Pat Metheny's ethereal music. Pat Metheny channels his musical compositions from the universe.

On my Wish List:
I want this: the Phantom Flex High Speed Camera
- the most versatile camera in the world.

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