Friday, September 12, 2014

Yelling is so old school

Maniacal micro-managers who scream because it empowers them are not effective communicators and are never going to grow.

There’s really not as much need for yelling since the advent of computer technology, we no longer have to shout orders; there are printers in the office that spew them out. That cuts down on a lot of the noise.

There’s no workplace where you should be allowed to berate your employees. Berating will not motivate them. But you have to find ways to ignite their passion—by teaching rather than screaming. 

I have a kinder, gentler management style than most. I’m comfortable in my skin.
I believe that being fair and respectful is the best strategy for motivating people. Managers have to assume more of a coaching and counseling role.

 There used to be a huge gap in education and knowledge between managers and new hires. Not today. Many new hires are more educated and have better computer skills than the people doing the hiring. These people are not going to take abusive treatment. The first time you scream and yell, they may listen. But keep doing it, and they just tune you out.

Try to involve employees in the development of team goals and work methods. When everyone has a hand in establishing a goal, they work harder to achieve it than any manager could ever force them to work by yelling.

Practice benevolence without despotism. Try to listen more carefully and be sensitive to personal as well as economic needs. There’s that word again: sensitive.

The bottom line is simple: Don’t scream and yell because it does not work, and your employees will leave.

Note to IT: I’ve been told by several people at work that yelling is the way to solve problems. My computer is running slow... Please feel free to stop by and yell at my computer.

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