Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quiet People as Leaders

I am an introvert. The silence of introverts makes extroverts uneasy.

Being a quiet person, I’m “louder” than most- in my own quiet way I am quite powerful. I know how to stay on target and get the job done.

Some insights about “quiet people:

Talkers think and talk at the same time; quiet people choose their works carefully.
Never assume quiet is weak and loud is strong.
Invite feedback one-on-one, not in a group.
Never assume silence is consent when it comes to quiet people.
Quietness doesn’t equal withdrawal – often it means thinking – and needing more time and info before committing.
Respect their ability to commit – when they’re in they’re in.
Quiet people like to walk and think – this is how Steve Jobs held his one-on-one meetings. While walking, ask them what their thoughts are about…
Let quiet people work alone. Stop demanding group work.

Some words that often describe quiet people (once you get to know them): tough, strong, disciplined, tenacious, smart, and deeply caring.

Timid and quiet are two different things. Timid people don’t like change. They are full of fear.  Whereas great leaders are often quiet, shy, and reserved. They are driven by conviction. They persevere through resistance and achieve their envisioned outcome.

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