Sunday, September 21, 2014

Intrinsic randomness and other thoughts

Intrinsic randomness means lack of pattern or predictability in events.

I always read that quantum particles exhibit "intrinsic" randomness in the states they take on.

Excerpt from forum:

...cause and effect need the traditional time because x interacts with y and results in z,this is our intuitive perception of time ,since time is largely based on gravity this becomes a problem mainly because quantum mechanic's gravity (and the "some other things") are different from the "traditional" gravity and the "some other things" :p
So I can only guess that dark energy/mater etc that make up of the 90+% of the universe have to do something with this seemingly "true randomness", cause and effect might take form in a different way or have a very different logic... but still some kind of logic (pattern, sequence, structure, even if its too complex to humans to understand), true randomness at least inside of universe seems like science-fiction to me, it will take time to understand it, just as all unexplainable, "random", weird things humanity faced since its dawn.
...if this true randomness was... well, true, couldn't we see it in real life? Nothing so far is random (quantum randomness) in life, I think if it was, nothing would work correctly. We would pick a glass of water and it would turn into a volcano or disappear. But those things never happen shows that the different logic or True randomness doesn't change the "normal" world and it stays inside the atoms,is this correct? 

True randomness is without a cause, so it is not part of our linear "cause and effect" mindset which we believe is the "real" world - a deterministic world. But is it really?

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