Sunday, December 23, 2012

Suitable Technologies' Beam Remote Telepresence Robot

My "Beam" will be dressed up in appropriate office attire...

I want to "Beam" myself to work - with a Telepresence Robot. And I want my Telepresence Robot to be "Suitable" - meaning, "well-dressed". So I have created my own robot attire for the office. I feel that this will really help the planet, i.e. save fossil fuels and lower air pollution. It will also save me time commuting each day to work. Driving to work is so old school. Currently, I drive 3 hours a day to commute from my home to my cubicle in Emeryville, CA. Once in my little office cubicle, I telework to Washington, DC and other remote Treasury offices. (This equates to at least 3 months of driving 40 hours a week to work per year - bad for me, bad for the environment. Each "Beam" costs $16,000. It costs me approximately $10k per year to drive to work. A Beam is a tax write-off, but my commute is not...)

More employees are working from home, but there's still no substitute for actually being at the office. Enter the Beam. It's a roving computer screen _ with video cameras, microphones and speakers _ that stands five feet and rides on motorized wheels. Read more.

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