Friday, December 26, 2014

Management Skills from Life

Not everyone is lucky enough to experience poverty. If you're from a struggling poor family, you're bound to have natural leadership qualities. Poverty makes you master management without going to any management or business schools. Not having any money will unleash your unknown abilities.

If you have money, learning to endure suffering provides lots if valuable lessons for life. It teaches resilience that you can apply to other parts of your life - especially when it comes to mental stress of life situations. It helps you see situations more richly. They are not bad or good; pain or pleasure. They are more mixed and knowing that there is some good in there can point you in the right direction. It teaches you patience. This too will pass. When you are suffering minutes can seem like hours and hours like days. Learning how to cope with this mentally; learning the tricks and the way your mind works can give you strength. Finally it teaches you about yourself. You are the only one who has an impact. How you learn to suffer is up to you. Physical exercise is the most effective and healthy way I know.

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