Thursday, November 27, 2014

Organizational Culture: Japan vs U.S.

Sometimes the "problem" is that the organization's culture is diverse. For example, in the modern Japanese culture, corporate culture is based on a network of hierarchical relationships rather than the Western pattern of shared values and goals. However, Japanese workers reject a superior whose orders they perceive as detrimental to the organization as a whole - loyalty to the members of the group, or organization, supersedes hierarchical rule. 

Group-think can result in the development of low self-confidence in decision-making as personal evaluation and observation seems more threatening to Japanese. Independence is often seen as anti-conformity. Creative thinkers are regarded as acting negatively against authority rather than seen as seeking new independently-formulated goals.

Various Japanese terms related to conformity: dakyo, kyocho, docho, and ison.

Independence occurs when person is consistent and logical in judgement.

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