Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Not To Do At Meetings...

From Fast Company: "Don't Meet Like That..."

Status Update staff meetings are best done one-on-one, it's a waste of other's time; besides, they are boring and ineffective. What to do instead? Try these ideas:
  1. What are the key outcomes we are on the hook for? How will know if we are achieving them?
  2. What are the risks we face? What should we do about them?
  3. What is the data we wish we knew about our business? Is it knowable? How will we find it? If it is not knowable, what scenarios should we plan for?
  4. What stupid stuff are we doing? I would have this as a staff topic at least twice a year. Grit always creeps into the gears, and old habits lose their usefulness. Question them.
  5. What has changed in our market, business, or customers’ markets and businesses? What does that mean for our plans?
  6. What process or infrastructure improvement would have the biggest impact on our ability to deliver?
  7. What has become harder and easier in our work and business? What should we consider changing?
  8. What should we all be learning about this year in addition to our core work? What do we want to be better at, or smarter about next year?
  9. Who in our organization has done something remarkable that we should recognize?
  10. Who are the stars in our organization that we should be investing in developing?
  11. Who/what groups should our team be communicating, networking, or improving our brand with? How should we do it?

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