Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter is today

Each afterlife realm has a theme for learning. The physical realm exists for us to test our ideals and learn from them. (David Oakford)
  How we lived our life on Earth determines which heavenly realm we have earned and travel to after death. We choose our own pace through the afterlife realms. (Betty Bethards)
  The afterlife realms are experiences of enjoyment and recreation. People do things they enjoy and keep company with people they enjoy in a realm of joyful activity. The skills, interests, and abilities developed on Earth may be reflected in the roles chosen in eternity. We contribute uniquely toward the goodness and beauty in the realm we inhabit which is vast and of transcendent beauty. Our quality of life in spirit is directly affected by our heart and activities on Earth. Opportunities for practicing love continues. (Nora Spurgin)

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